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Matric past papers are essential resources for Grade 12 students preparing for their final exams, and the Department of Basic Education (DBE) provides these papers to help students succeed.

Ace Your Finals With Tutor SA’s Collection Of Matric Past Papers

Our collection of past exam papers is designed to help Grade 12 matric students excel in their final exams. Our collection includes past papers for all subjects, including Business Studies and Life Sciences, ensuring comprehensive preparation for all Grade 12 exams.

By practising these papers, students can familiarise themselves with the exam format and identify areas for improvement.

Let’s Prepare for the Exams

Downloading past exam papers from the Department of Basic Education is a tedious and time-consuming process. Time better spent studying for the actual exam. Here at Tutors SA, we are passionate about making education both enjoyable and accessible for EVERYONE.

For your convenience, we have compiled the latest NSC exam papers and memos with answer sheets into their own zip files so you don’t have to.

Even if you are not being tutored, you will still benefit from going through these past exam papers and memos as preparation for the exam.

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You can find all these resources easily on our website, ready for download.

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Why Choose Tutors SA?

We understand the pressure and challenges that come with preparing for matric exams. With our resources, you can easily access past papers and start your preparation without any hassle. Our goal is to make your study process smoother and more efficient.

By providing easy access to past papers, we help students:
  • Familiarise themselves with exam formats
  • Identify key topics and question types
  • Boost confidence through practice

Whether you are looking for specific subjects or general exam preparation, our resources are trusted by students and parents across South Africa. 

We want you to have the tools you need to succeed.

Get the Edge in Your Exams

Ready to maximise your study time and ace those finals?

Our collection covers all the traditional subjects as well as a wide range of additional subjects, including Consumer Studies, Dance Studies, Design, Dramatic Arts, Engineering Graphic Design, Hospitality Studies, Music and Visual Arts.

Download our collection of matric past papers today and start your journey to exam success in the most efficient way possible.


Get the edge in your exams with our comprehensive collection of the latest matric past papers.

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