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Once you complete the form, you will receive an email prompting you to complete your tutor profile. Once complete we will need to check that you can indeed tutor the subjects you have signed up for. This will be done with a background check and potentially a video call.

STEP 2: Choose Your Subjects

In your tutor profile you can select the subjects you would like to tutor, Such as Maths, Science, English, heck, even subjects like fluid dynamics and advanced Calculus are available!

STEP 3: Earn A Solid Income

When you tutor with us, we guarantee you will be paid well and on-time for the work you've done. Don't be left concerned about payments - we've got you covered.

Our professional team helps you manage your tutoring admin for your tutor jobs so you can focus on what’s important. We’re all on the same team, so don’t hesitate to ask your Tutors SA mentor for assistance.

Thinking of applying to Tutor with us?

We are committed to helping children and students to love learning and to inspire excellence all around. Tutors SA ONLY accept the best tutors and if you believe you are the best, then come on over! We are looking for committed and passionate individuals who want to apply for tutoring jobs with us. By inspiring excellence in our tutors and students we hope to bring back joy in the homes of families around South Africa and take away the stress experienced by students and parents.

Tutoring is important for multiple reasons for both learners and tutors, see also this Oxford Learning article


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In locations from Pretoria, Centurion, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban and many more!

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A Little About us

Tutors SA is our name and helping children is our game!
We believe learning and studying should be a fun experience, not filled with stress and regret.

By inspiring excellence in our tutors and students we hope to bring back joy in the homes of families around South Africa and take away the stress experienced by students and parents.

We’re kind of like your new best friend! 😉




What a fantastic, professional and enthusiastic Tutoring Company to deal with. Rüth and her Team of Tutors are by far the best I had the pleasure of dealing with. Rüth, reacts in a second in dealing with requests, and her Team of Tutors are friendly, knowledgeable, engaging with skills in abundance, to coax even the most timid of Students out of their shells to actively participate in Tutoring sessions. I can, without a doubt in my mind recommend Tutors SA, to anybody seeking the help of individual, personal Tutors for their kids, assisting them on their journey to academic excellence!


From the first person I spoke with when I enquired about their services; My journey with TutorsSA, has been very pleasant. they are very professional. The communication and follow-up, great. I am happy with the tutor they allocated to my son. I only started with them, but I am already hopeful. Patrys, the tutor, is just so awesome, she made us feel at ease the moment we met. my son is just so happy with her. 👍👍


Tutors SA is an amazing company, very professional and supportive at all times. They really look out for their clients and tutors to ensure the best service all round. Ruth has been awesome and so friendly, thank you!!


I would highly recommend any young person trying to find their way in the working industry to reach out to Tutors SA to help start their working career. I have been with the company for nearly 2 years and I am extremely happy and proud to be working for them.

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Do you have any questions?

Read our Tutoring FAQ below:


Where does Tutors SA operate?

We offer both online and in person tutoring all across South Africa. We have clients and tutors in every City and town in every province.

How many hours do I have to commit to tutor per week?

The number of hours you tutor per week is up to you!

What qualifications do I need to tutor for Tutors SA?

Our minimum acceptable qualification is a matric certificate, but we prefer to use Tutors who either have or are in the process of getting their tertiary education.

You will also need strong oral and written communication skills, a fluency with the English language and a good grasp of the subjects you want to tutor.

Are lessons online or in person?

You will get to state upfront if you are able to only do online or in person tutoring, however, it is ultimately up to the clients to decide how they would like to have their lessons.  Therefore, being able to do both will allow more clients to become available to you.

What do I need in order to do online tutoring?

You will need a computer or laptop with a good quality webcam, a head set with a working microphone and access to reliable internet is a must. If you are not familiar with the following platforms it is advisable that you do so: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

What is expected of me for in person tutoring?

Most in person tutoring will happen either at the client’s home or a prearranged public place, libraries, community centers etc., therefore having your own transport will be necessary. You will be provided with the address where the lesson will take place after you have accepted the “Job” or lesson. Please familiarize yourself with what routs you need to take and what your departure time needs to be in order to be on time before the day arranged. Rather be early by 5min than late and keep the client informed if you are going to be even a minute late.

Arrive well prepared for every lesson and ensure all of your appliances (phone, laptop, etc.) is fully charged and ready.

Please also observe all current Covid-19 regulations with regards to sanitization, social distancing and wearing a mask during in person tutoring sessions.

Do I get paid for travel or data?

You will be expected to cover your own petrol costs for travels up to 10 to 15 kilometers, as well as internet costs. However, if you need to travel further, a petrol subsidy can be negotiated with your Tutorzone manager ahead of time. You will therefore need to negotiate this with them before lessons commence.

Can I continue tutoring privately?

Absolutely! We do not ask for exclusivity at all. Besides you will soon see how the majority of your client base will always end up being Tutors SA clients ;). However, all clients that you meet through Tutors SA need to remain Tutors SA clients; we have a strict policy on circumvention in this regard.

Is tutoring safe?

We are fully committed to keeping our clients and tutors safe. Infract, we encourage you to please read our Safety Guide for more information on what you as tutor can also do to keep yourself safe.

How will prospective students contact me?

After the client has given the go ahead for lessons to commence we will then send you their details and share yours with them.

(Do not share client details with anyone unless you have the client in question’s express permission)

How much do I get paid, and how often?

Tutor’s rates are determined what level of tuition is required and what subjects you are tutoring. You can expect to earn a lower hourly rate for most school level subjects and then a higher hourly rate for university level subjects. Also, all Tutor payments are made once a month for the lessons given in the period before.

How do I go about rescheduling or cancelling a session?

If you need to reschedule a tutoring session, contact the client an absolute minimum of 24 hours in advance in order to discuss what other time would suit them. If a lesson needs to be cancelled altogether a minimum of 48 hours in advance is required and Tutor Zone needs to receive a carbon copy of all correspondence. Please note that a complete cancellation could count against your being assigned new clients.

Who can I contact if I have any more questions?

If you have any further questions or concerns you are welcome to contact us at: Tutorzone@tutorssa.co.za

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