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At Tutors SA, our French tutoring services are designed to immerse you in the nuances of one of the world’s most beautiful languages.

French is an internationally recognised language used widely across many of the continents, such as Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Whether you’re planning to ace that French text, roam the streets of Paris or dive into French literature, we have French tutors who are here to assist students who want to learn French.

From beginners to advanced learners, our skilled French tutors provide a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the textbook. 

Our teaching methods involve our students engage in lively discussions to achieve fluency in addition to lessons tailored to their learning goals.

In South Africa, French is often taught as a second language at school or as a subject in university. Learning French as a school or university subject offers students the platform to learn and make mistakes in a supportive environment.

As with any language, students would need to be able to practice frequently in order to improve their abilities. Therefore, it is important to enlist the help of a French Tutor in order to ensure their progress.

Why Should You Choose us?

Helping your child learn French can be a tiresome task for a parent in South Africa. Not to worry, we have very qualified French tutors in our team, ready to assist you with teaching French to your child.

Tutor’s SA offers private French lessons that adopt the one-on-one approach – allowing for individualised attention. We can arrange either an in-person or online French tutor and assess which is the best-suited teaching method for your child.

Tutors SA is here so that you are able to see your child thrive in their academic journey.

 French Tutoring with a Tutors SA Tutor is the answer!


How can a French Tutor help?


No more late nights


If you want to learn French, enlisting the help of a tutor will help you understand the language faster.

Extra French lessons will allow you to practice the language in the lesson with someone other than a lecturer or teacher, accelerating your chances of grasping it.

At Tutors SA, we equip our tutors to create individualised learning plans that address various aspects of the language in the tutoring sessions, such as grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Everyone has a different aptitude when it comes to learning languages, so many people have to put in additional effort when it comes to learning French. 

This is why you can never go wrong with developing a new language with a Tutors SA tutor.

University Admission


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Valued Customer

We had one small scheduling problem with our tutor the first time which meant it couldn't work out - in no time this was solved and we have been going for 2 years strong now.

Valued Customer

My Tutor was an absolute star! Thanks to him I mastered grade 10-12 mathematics, science and chemistry. He was always well informed, positive and well prepared.

Valued Customer

Tutors SA is honestly the best company I have worked with, professional, fast and highly skilled team and tutors. From past experiences this was well worth it.

Valued Customer

We had one small scheduling problem with our tutor the first time which meant it couldn't work out - in no time this was solved and we have been going for 2 years strong now.

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