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Biology is a fascinating subject that allows school students to learn more about the world around and inside them.

At Tutors SA, we are passionate about helping students across South Africa explore the wonders of biology and learn about the complexities of life sciences. Our biology tutoring services are designed to help students develop a deep and lasting interest in the natural world by diving into the microscopic world of molecular biology or understanding the dynamics of ecology.

As with mathematics and physics, there is no fast or quick fix when preparing for Biology exams. It is a challenging subject, so it is essential to enlist the help of a Biology Tutor to ensure progress is made.

Why Should You Choose us?

At Tutors SA, we provide top-notch education to all students. With years of experience and a team of qualified biology tutors, we strive to bring out the best in each student.

We believe that authentic learning in biology comes from direct engagement with the material. That’s why Tutors SA’s tutoring program uses multimedia resources and case studies to bring complex concepts to life. This interactive approach reinforces theoretical knowledge, ignites curiosity, and inspires a deeper love for biology, encouraging students to explore beyond the textbook.

Booking with an in-person or an online biology tutor with Tutors SA is the answer!


How can a Biology Tutor help?


STEM Fields


Biology isn’t just another school subject; it’s a gateway to various university courses. Many disciplines, including Engineering, Life Sciences, and Medicine, require a solid foundation in Life Sciences. So, before you decide to skip biology, it’s crucial to understand the subject requirements of your desired university courses.

Aspiring Scientists and Healthcare Professionals

At Tutors SA, we recognise the immense potential of biology in shaping the future of science, healthcare, and conservation. That’s why we offer private tutoring that goes beyond the classroom, helping students not only excel academically but also develop a passion for these fields. Our personalised approach ensures that each student gets the attention they need to thrive and succeed.

Understanding biology is foundational for those drawn to the medical field, environmental science, or biotechnological research. South Africa’s rich biodiversity provides a unique backdrop for studying biology, making it particularly compelling.


University Admission


hus it is very important to check the subject requirements at university before deciding not to take physics.

It is also well known that some of the greatest artists were all great mathematicians, being good at maths and physics is many times an indication of someone who can be very creative. 

Understanding physics takes hard work and effort, ask the people who have studied, and are currently studying it.

Physical sciences can be observed every day, how cars move, why cars move, how sound travels, how molecules bond, why chemicals act the way they do and more! Taking all of this into consideration we can see that physics and doing well in physics is very important.




Valued Customer

We had one small scheduling problem with our tutor the first time which meant it couldn't work out - in no time this was solved and we have been going for 2 years strong now.

Valued Customer

My Tutor was an absolute star! Thanks to him I mastered grade 10-12 mathematics, science and chemistry. He was always well informed, positive and well prepared.

Valued Customer

Tutors SA is honestly the best company I have worked with, professional, fast and highly skilled team and tutors. From past experiences this was well worth it.

Valued Customer

We had one small scheduling problem with our tutor the first time which meant it couldn't work out - in no time this was solved and we have been going for 2 years strong now.

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