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How To Manage Work and Homeschooling Successfully

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This one is for the Parents. 

Homeschooling is popular in South Africa for many reasons. Schools have accommodated a more flexible learning environment since the pandemic, and there has been a general loss of confidence in government facilities and the availability of quality online educational resources. However, this migration toward homeschooling puts parents in a challenging position: They must balance a professional career with their children’s schooling.

This article explores practical tips to help parents balance their work lives and their commitment to homeschooling, leading to a more fulfilling experience for the whole family.

Homeschooling in South Africa

A recent study by CambriLearn revealed that homeschooling has been gaining traction in South Africa. 

The study had some interesting findings:

  • Most parents planned to homeschool before the pandemic. Only 18.54% of parents began homeschooling due to COVID-19. 
  • 89.6% of parents who transitioned from traditional schooling reported improvements in their children’s grades. 
  • Furthermore, 49.3% utilise tutors, highlighting the growing reliance on tutors as additional educational support to enhance the homeschooling experience.

See a Resource from the Education Department on Home Education in South Africa

Homeschooling: It’s Not For The Faint-of-Heart

Working parents who take on the responsibility of homeschooling often encounter several hurdles.

Managing time effectively becomes critical as parents strive to meet their children’s professional obligations and educational goals. This dual role can lead to overlapping responsibilities, making establishing clear boundaries between work and home life challenging.

Recent studies indicate a growing trend of homeschooling in South Africa, with a notable percentage of these households having working parents. This rise highlights the need for effective strategies to balance work and homeschooling as more parents opt for homeschooling while maintaining their professional careers.

Homeschooling Tips for Working Parents

#1 Manage Your Time

Prioritise Both Work and Homeschooling:

  • Prioritise tasks based on urgency and importance
  • Create a planner to categorise tasks for work and homeschooling

Schedule to Enhance Productivity:

  • Allocate distinct time periods for work, homeschooling, and personal activities.
  • Time-blocking is a technique that dedicates specific blocks of time to specific tasks.

Prevent Burnout:

  • Take regular breaks between short bursts of concentrated work. 
  • Ensure downtime for leisure activities and family bonding to promote a healthy work-life balance.

#2 Create a Focused Learning Environment

A Space to Learn At Home:

  • Designate a specific area in the home as a learning space
  • Ensure the space is well-lit, quiet, and equipped with all necessary educational materials

Minimising Distractions:

  • Minimise distractions and remove unnecessary gadgets, toys, or noise sources from the learning area.
  • Set clear rules about when and where electronic devices can be used
  • Consider using noise-cancelling headphones or playing white noise in the space to reduce distractions

Incorporate Educational Resources:

  • Include age-appropriate educational materials such as books, charts, and interactive tools for your child
  • Provide comfortable seating and ergonomic or modular furniture for a child-friendly environment
  • Balance educational resources with an inviting atmosphere to encourage active learning.

#3 Embrace Technology

Tools and Apps for Homeschooling/Work Management

  • Trello or Asana for task management and organisation.
  • Google Calendar for scheduling and reminders.
  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet for virtual meetings and tutoring sessions.

To integrate technology effectively, identify key areas where digital tools can enhance productivity.

#4 Involve Your Family

To improve learning and strengthen relationships, the whole family should be involved in homeschooling.

  • Encourage participation in educational activities and assign age-appropriate tasks.
  • Family meetings provide a platform to review progress, set goals, and tackle challenges.
  • Open communication fosters a collaborative atmosphere where everyone’s input is valued.

#5 Seek Professional Help

Tutors bring expertise in specific subject areas, ensuring children receive high-quality education tailored to their learning needs.

Benefits of Getting a Tutor

  • This external support allows parents to focus on their work commitments, reducing the pressure of managing both roles simultaneously.
  • They can provide customised lesson plans, one-on-one tutoring, and additional resources to reinforce learning.
  • Tutors work in different environments and thoroughly understand the expectations of the school curriculum and other educational facilities.
  • Moreover, tutors can offer general support by helping with study techniques and exam preparation and fostering a positive learning attitude, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience.

Remember To Take Care of Yourself!

Self-care practices help reduce stress, enhance emotional resilience, and maintain physical health, enabling parents to handle their responsibilities more effectively.

Incorporating Self-Care into a Busy Schedule

It’s important not to lose yourself when balancing these roles. Make time for YOU.

  • Engage in Physical Activity
  • Pursue Hobbies
  • Set Boundaries

Recognising Signs of Burnout

Burnout can manifest as chronic fatigue, irritability, decreased productivity, and a sense of overwhelm. Recognising these signs early is crucial for taking timely action.

  • Seek Support: Consult a therapist or counsellor for professional support and coping strategies.
  • Delegate: To alleviate the workload, share responsibilities with your partner or family or hire external help, such as a tutor.

By prioritising self-care and involving the family, parents can create a balanced, supportive environment at home.

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At Tutors SA, we understand how challenging it can be for homeschooling families to provide a well-rounded education for their children. That’s why we offer professional tutoring services held to the highest standards and designed to cater to different learning needs and subjects.

Our team of qualified and experienced tutors work with each student to develop a personalised educational plan to help them reach their potential. We provide flexible and accessible support through one-on-one tutoring, group sessions, and online classes.

We aim to help our students succeed academically and create a balanced home education experience. 

Do not push yourself to the breaking point. Reach out to our team and find the best tutor for your family!

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